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iOBD Automotive Technologies Company founded in Adana in 2010 continues selling products, whose production have been started, with its dealers in İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir and Konya in automotive technologies sector. iOBD Automotive Technologies shows us that they have precedence in the automotive technologies sector with developing sales network.
Our company having carried out tens of projects continues to take firm steps forward under the roof of IOBD Automotive Technologies.

Our Values

By the reason of the fact that automotive sector draws considerable attention a lot in Turkey, acting with principles, cleaning up our acts in accordance with these principles and taking steps forward all together become as our responsibilities and we have specified the following principles as our principles:
• Reliability
• Sense of high responsibility
• Experience
• Quality consciousness
• Sense of continuous development
• Loyalty to business ethics
• Giving importance to human relations
• Producing products beyond customers’ expectations

Our Sectoral Solution Approach

Change management, meeting the needs and offering solutions beyond expectations are possible only when we are close to our customers. Beyond standard manufacturing and sale, in design of products and in the yield of productiveness and practice, looking ahead to present much more than expectations from a device and keeping our relationships with the customers going are in our solution approaches. In order to live with an achievement of which we are proud after our work is done and to hand down our voice with our works to the next generations, acting with a sense of reliability beyond the standard manufacture and sale understanding also takes part in our sectoral solution approach.



Our vision is to produce the most professional products with the most up-to-date technology, to make difference with a simple design and feel the difference, to provide large vehicle brand and model support to economize service expenses getting higher, to provide advance-fixing for your vehicle’s problems whose answers you are looking for, to produce the world class devices.
Also, it is to go on taking steps forward in the light of our principles in order to develop a new understanding with project management and its design in the sector by training our own dynamic staff to offer solutions in all areas of the sector.



We broadcast live your questions related to iOBD2 on 7/12 support line.

Where is my cargo?

You can see where your product is via a tracking number given to you.

User Manual

You can find a detailed user manual related to iOBD2 here.