I couldn’t find OBD 2 connector of my vehicle.

OBD 2 connector being found in all vehicles produced since 1996 is esoterically available in your vehicle. If you couldn’t find the OBD 2 connector being under the steering wheel or on the margin of the seat, please click here to see the illustrated list of OBD 2 connector. 

Does iOBD 2 damage my vehicle?

iOBD 2 mobile auto repair system only reads data sent from your vehicle and responds to the faults that can be fixed. In that case, damaging any software or equipment is out of question. 

Does iOBD2 support my vehicle?

iOBD2 supports all vehicles from 1996 to present. Click here to see all supported vehicles’ list.

How could I clear faults with iOBD 2?

With iOBD 2, you can see all fault codes that your vehicle gives. If these faults belong to temporary codes or repaired faults, it will be enough to open iOBD 2 check program, go to the menu “Diagnostic> Fault Codes” and click the button “Clear all fault codes”.

How could I download the application iOBD 2 on my phone?

If your smartphone supports Android operating system; click the icon “Google Play Store” on main menu, write “iOBD2” on the search bar and download the application. If your smartphone supports IOS, you can do the same process by accessing to App Store software on main menu of your phone. If you want to download it on your computer and set it up there, please click here.

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Where is my cargo?

You can see where your product is via a tracking number given to you.

User Manual

You can find a detailed user manual related to iOBD2 here.