Guarantee &Return



Information needed to know before purchasing products, Delivery, Process of Return:

- All kinds of complaints, suggestions or requests that you will make or any kind of problems that are reported to us will certainly be evaluated and enabled to solve them.

- Depending on your request, your delivery can be made by different courier companies. If any specific courier company is not stated, your product will be delivered by our contractual courier company.

- Please, check its package while taking delivery of a product. Do not take delivery of damaged packages and report this situation to the authorized person.

- You will able to see where your product is in every moment and to follow it on internet via a tracking number that we will give you.

- Under normal circumstances, a product is delivered to the courier company on weekdays. Products whose sales are made in legal holidays are delivered to the courier company on the first weekday.

- Products have one-year producer guarantee.

- Products are new, unused and tested on the purpose of controlling. All packages are controlled before sending to the courier company; however, if there is any missing or wrong part of a product inside the packages, in case of calling us, we will cover transportation cost and the product will be sent to your address once again.

- As a requirement of the site’s rules, transportation cost for return or replacement is covered by the buyer, not the seller on any ground.

- If you are dissatisfied with our products, you can return the products within seven (7) days. However, if there is any deformation on products, THE PRODUCTS CANNOT BE RETURNED. (Failures except deformations are already under warranty.)


In general, return of a product is based on the following conditions:

-          You can return products that you have purchased by stating a reason within seven (7) days from the delivery date without destroying, using them and ruining resaleability of the products.

-          Products that are used, unpacked, destroyed etc. cannot be returned.

-          Return of products having original packages has to be done with their original packages.

-          In case there is no possibility to make out a return invoice of a product that will be returned and a return invoice made out on the behalf of our company, an original invoice and an original delivery note of the product have to be returned. In case the original invoice and the original delivery note of the product are not provided, financial obligations such as value added tax (VAT) resulted from this situation are deducted from refund of the cost.

-           In case of being determined any situations such as writing, unpacking, spoiling, breaking, ruining, tearing, using etc. on a product and in case the current situation of the product and its situation in the moment when it has been delivered to the receiver are different, the product cannot be returned and its price cannot be refunded.

-           In shipping made in accordance with the return conditions, transportation cost will be paid by customers.

-          Products that will be returned have to be transmitted to us by the courier company that has delivered your order purchased on to you. If any damaged and broken products are delivered to us within the first seven (7) days after the delivery date, we will cover transportation cost. Otherwise, the transportation cost belongs to our customer.



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Where is my cargo?

You can see where your product is via a tracking number given to you.

User Manual

You can find a detailed user manual related to iOBD2 here.