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    Details of Product

    General Features

    • It supports all OBD2 vehicles produced after 1996.
    • Displaying situation of vehicle with one touch.
    • Mounting all equipments of vehicle
    • Recording and examining driving details of vehicle
    • Comparing recorded values with the previous records
    • Reading& Removing Fault codes
    • Applications for Android and iPhone

    Technical Features

    • Reading all fault codes
    • Removing all fault codes
    • Displaying live-data of vehicle performance
    • Switching off service lamp
    • Maintenance before service






What is iOBD2?


iOBD2 is a latest diagnostic tool and an auto expertise device that it provides you mobile connecting to your vehicle’s engine and electronic parts’ information via your cell phone. iOBD2 operating with the application iOBD 2 that you have downloaded to your device having Android or IOS operating system provides you to make WI-FI TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIRING, PERFORMANCE TEST AND TRAVEL HISTORY RECORD with only one product. With iOBD2 being as an auto expertise device with these features, you can also get by yourselves detailed performance data and dynamiter graphics reports that professional auto expertise and services can give you. Therefore, you can get rid of paying over the odds and you can make your vehicle’s daily maintenance and tests by yourselves while sipping your coffee.
Thanks to iOBD2, you will reach more information about your vehicle wherever and whenever you want. With the information that it will give you before its periodic maintenance or a long road trip, iOBD2 being a professional assistant for you and your beloveds is with you in Turkey for the first time.




How does iOBD2 operate?

iOBD2 mobile diagnostic tool and auto expertise device operates in the logic of the Plug-and-Play that is the easiest installation way. When you plug the tool having matchbox size into OBD2 connector that is under your vehicle’s steering wheel or on the margin of its seat, the device will operates. (If you couldn’t find where the connector is, please click here for an illustrated connector list.) As a second step, you will make contact with your vehicle by running the application IOBD2 that you have downloaded to your cell phone. At the final step, the program will ask you your vehicle’s brand, model and fuel type. After you select the options for them according to you, the installation will be done. Now, you can start to test and repair your vehicle. 

What can I do with iOBD2?

With iOBD2 auto expertise device, you can manage the whole engine and electronic parts of your vehicle. Therefore, you can MAKE TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIRING, PERFORMANCE TEST AND TRAVEL HISTORY RECORD.

Auto Expertise

iOBD2 mobile diagnostic tool is also an auto expertise device. With the device that supports all brand-model vehicles produced after 2000 and that you can see all troubles and all information about the engine on your vehicle, you can make detailed vehicle inspection.

With iOBD2 mini auto expertise device, you can get torque-horsepower and detailed dynamiter graphics by making performance tests. You can make your vehicle’s check-up yourselves by seeing motor power and its torque, acceleration and deceleration tests, rotation, live-data and above all fault codes.

With iOBD2 auto expertise device, you can make all auto expertise operations, which auto expertise and services fulfill for high price, by yourselves. You will enjoy while making detailed examination of all brand model automobiles by yourselves with iOBD2 mobile auto expertise device being cut out for persons who interested in commercial occupations.

As you can see in pictures; graphics and data that iOBD2 mini auto expertise device provides you show almost the same values as reports that professional services and expertise provides. With iOBD2 auto expertise device, you can acquire these dynamiter data, which are fulfilled for high price at services free, free of charge by yourselves.

No more giving money to auto expertise and services for these reports! Do your vehicle inspection with iOBD2 device by yourselves.

Reading Live Indicator Values

iOBD2 provides you to see all live values related to your vehicle on your cell phone’s screen while your vehicle is on the move or it is waiting. Also, this device provides you to see every step on mechanic parts of your vehicle by sharing live values such as instantaneous speed, instantaneous rotation, engine temperature, oil temperature, fuel level, auxiliary storage’s fuel level, all vehicle sensors and pressure levels with you. In addition to them, you can record the information and share them on social networks.  


Diagnosis and Repairing

You can reach the universal DTC codes transmitted from your vehicle’s ECU to OBD connector with iOBD2. By clicking these fault codes on the screen, you can find out the fault’s details. At the same time, you can repair these faults if they are temporary faults. If you have any mechanical problems, you can access solution offers related to the subject via the program.
Therefore, you can have knowledge of your vehicle wherever and whenever you want. Also, you can see your vehicle’s faults before it undergoes maintenance or when your vehicle is broke down; you can diagnose the part that causes the fault.
No more paying over the odds for services. Repair your vehicle by yourselves. Diagnose the broken part by yourselves.


Performance Tests

No more spending money for performance tests with iOBD2 auto expertise device! When you connect iOBD2 to your vehicle, it tests your vehicle during the driving and by analyzing torque-horsepower, 0-100 km departure time, fuel consumption in that period, and all performance parameters, it gives you more information than one dynamiter give and if you want, you can see them in graphics or in written form on your phone’s screen.
Moreover, you can record this information and share them on social networks. You can compare this information with your vehicle’s instantaneous performance and diagnose performance decreases or increases before and after its maintenance defenselessly. Therefore, you will have a professional assistant when you need to give the right decision about purchasing second hand vehicle, maintenance and the other areas.

History of Travel

Thanks to iOBD2, you can see where your vehicle is, when it is there, and its outbound route on maps. In addition to these, you can see its speed and fuel level.
Thanks to this feature designed for using in business life, you can report your fleet’s detailed movement and consumption documents and its live value and maintenance situation whenever you want.

Extra Features

With iOBD2 auto expertise device, you can make your vehicle’s original KM data coming from ECU read, and especially while purchasing a second hand vehicle, you can take measure against making KM decrease. iOBD2 auto expertise device prevents being cheated on while buying a car with this feature that will help people who are interested in buying and selling auto.



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Where is my cargo?

You can see where your product is via a tracking number given to you.

User Manual

You can find a detailed user manual related to iOBD2 here.